Pipal Fine Art
, established by the well known husband and wife team - Hoe Say Yong and Angie Lee, is the new art gallery at the Gardens Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur. Say Yong and Angie are veterans in gallery management, having established Artfolio in 1991 in City Square, Kuala Lumpur. Artfolio has since grown to become one of the significant players in the Kuala Lumpur art scene.

Artfolio’s humble origins began as an extension of Say Yong’s interior design work which he was involved in with his uncle who ran Artfolio in Raffles Hotel, Singapore.  Over the last 19 years, Artfolio, Kuala Lumpur has grown both in size and stature from its time in City Square to Avenue K and now off Jalan Jelatek where it continues to host exhibitions of both local and regional artists. It also housed Say Yong’s “Reflections” exhibition prior to travelling to Alpha-Utara Gallery in Penang and Artfolio in Singapore. While Say Yong, always the artist, pursues his passion,  focusing on painting his well known Refection series and preferring generally to staying  behind the scenes, Angie has managed the gallery and taken Artfolio to new heights known for purveying the works of major artists and nurturing many significant collectors in the country.

Noting that Artfolio, in recent years has been known to concentrate mainly on senior artists, it  has been the couple’s vision to establish a gallery promoting works of all  generations of artists in a place accessible to a large pool of walk-in visitors . The gallery occupies 2300 square feet of space with a high ceiling on the 2nd Floor of Gardens providing an ideal spot for them to realize this vision of theirs.

The name Pipal Fine Art was inspired by the giant Pipal tree, noted for its great size, longevity and powerful roots which happened to grow outside their home in Janda Baik.  Pipal Fine Art fosters strong relationships with artists from all 3 generations, collectors and galleries. It seeks to contribute significantly to the development of visual arts and provides an avenue of appreciation of the fine arts for the growing number of patrons of art in the country.

Pipal Fine Art Services
At Pipal Fine Art, our mission is to cultivate a passion for art by engaging art enthusiasts, artists and organizations in artistic events that explore the diversity of culture and beauty in this region.
In light of this, we have specially tailored a directory of services to include artist management, commissioned and project works for private and corporate collectors, event management and fine art rental.

Pipal Fine Art exhibits works by both up-and-coming artists as well as established veterans. Our consultants are on hand to assist you in organizing premium art-related events.

Project / Commissioned Works
Have a particular theme or style that you particularly admire? Pipal Fine Art provides liasion with renowned artists around Asia or project and commission works that are exclusively tailored to suit your needs.

Corporate / Art Events
Located at the prestigious shopping mall in town (The Garden), Pipal Fine Art is an ideal venue for both corporate get-togethers and private soirees. Sip some red wine, nibble on a canape, as you relax in the artistic ambience.

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